Focus Flow

This might be for you if:

- You sometimes or often feel stressed.

- You have an active mind that gets busy thinking things through, sometimes with a lot of worry and doubts.

- You know that the world is not limited to our rational minds and what we see in front of us.

- You are interested in getting to know your inner workings better.

- You have a feeling there is ‘more’ but are not entirely sure what that might be.

- You have a big heart and feel a lot, but sometimes want to shut down and retreat.

- You care about yourself and yet not sure whether you fully accept and love yourself.

- You want to enjoy life every day and learn how to tap into your inner knowing.

- You are open to exploring new modalities to understand yourself better.

Become part of our next cohort and enjoy:
  • An entry self-assessment on different areas of your life and well-being
  • 12 topic modules on personal growth and resilience along with tools
  • Backed by newest research and ancient philosophies
  • Weekly reflection prompts that help take the learning deeper
  • Weekly guided meditations to support you in relaxing and reflecting
  • 12 live breathing sessions to ground, relax, and deeply connect to yourself
  • A self-assessment upon completion to see the shifts you made
You may benefit in the following ways (as reported by past and current clients):
  • You have more energy and motivation
  • You gain deeper reflection and insight
  • You reach more clarity in your vision
  • You heal old wounds and unconscious patterns
  • You have confidence through the accountability of a community
  • Your self-love and kindness increase
  • Your relationships improve as you tune in
  • You become more grateful by default
  • You enjoy life more as you find joy easily
Small Selection of Testimonials
  • "I am really grateful and glad to know you :) It was really rough at first, but then I found there is a message from me to me that I need to get it. What you said is the best sign for me that I am stepping on the right path and motivation to go on. Thanks for the meditations. The loveliness you radiate is precious." - S., Sweden
  • "I honestly felt super relaxed by the end of the breathing/meditation session (much needed!) and you made everyone feel welcome. The time management presentation reminded me to spend time offline (and I have done so today - I’ll try to remember to note that in my daily survey). I also loved that the participant group were all super kind on the Zoom chat." - K., UK
  • "I’ve struggled with confidence for a very long time. It’s a subject that I’ve brought up recently to address — particularly with the question: how DO I build up my confidence? The guided meditation offered a few things to do, and I look forward to seeing if it works for me. These guided meditations are a gem to use as a source of reflection. I ponder about something new each time I listen to it and learn something new." - A.
  • "I felt like I tele-transported today. (...) I felt like I'm being pulled towards some yellow light. And then I felt like I was flying through dense white clouds with subtle pinks and oranges. Then the scene changed completely, I was a floating again, I'm not sure where but it had beautiful, warm yellow lights as tiny dots. And I there was a point when I could feel energy travelling through my body. There was a point where I zoned out on breathing. When I realized I wasn’t breathing, I wasn’t struggling or gasping for breath, I simple resumed. I am a different kind of happy today." - J., US
  • "I did the meditation in the morning, then the breathing exercises after work and then went to my new sports/acrobatics class. The fact that I am so engaged in learning something new, that also stretches my body in a different way and has a completely new technique, just made me soooo happy. I was present, felt tired but very happy, had a nice and relaxed sleep, and felt very energized." - A.
  • "It has truly been a wonderful journey attending most of your sessions and I have been able to reduce my anxiety to a great extent. I listen to your guided meditation every evening to relax and your voice has a soothing effect. I am truly grateful for this experience." - Jan.
What happens after you sign up:
  • By signing up for the course below, you get access by January 25th.
  • The introduction and self-assessment are accessible right then & there.
  • The live sessions happen on Thursdays at 8pm CET / 7pm BST / 2pm EST / 11am PST.
  • The weekly live sessions can be accessed via a recording if you can't make them.
  • I encourage you to meet and interact with the cohort via our Facebook group.
  • In addition, I'm available for questions and clarification per email and messenger :)

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