Nov 25-28 2021

Skutesjön, Sweden

Knowing and accepting yourself is the foundation for connecting deeply with others in the world.

We feel through the layers of doubt, anxiousness, and sadness, and see the potential underneath. All emotions belong, all of you is welcome.

Coming home to yourself in community with other curious souls, you build the foundation for loving acceptance of all parts of you.

'Feminine Leadership' with the intention to know our own center and stillness within the womb and guide life from this place.

We build on inner knowing and follow our intuition. Our self-care practices help us to remember the how.

We allow ourselves to experience the bliss of being, the purity of being alive, the magic of letting life flow.

Our retreat includes the following practices (excerpt):

  • Every morning: Breathing exercises, yoga poses, meditation

Thursday (Earth) - "coming home to ourself"

  • Opening circle
  • Reflection and Intention setting

Friday (Water) - "being intimate with ourselves"

  • Ecstatic movement and dance
  • Art of Manifestation
  • Self massage
  • Drum journey

Saturday (Fire) - "connecting with others"

  • Partner dynamics
  • Womb practice (healing & connecting)
  • Fire ceremony

Sunday (Wind) - "taking it out into the world"

  • Sharing and connecting
  • Integration circle

And there's more enjoyment:

  • Group coaching call before
  • 1:1 coaching call after
  • Small group (15 max.)
  • Shared accommodation (in several dorm rooms)
  • Vegan/vegetarian meals Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Time to pause

You will receive an email with the details for getting to the retreat plus a list of recommended items to bring so you are comfortable and well prepared.

We will reach out for scheduling the pre-retreat call shortly after.

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